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Whether you are new to screen printing or have been printing for your entire life, EVERYONE can benefit from this class. Industry Leaders from major manufacturers of Screen Printing supplies and Equipment will be available to answer questions and help you become as efficient and profitable as possible!

Not only will this be a hands-on event, but there will also be automatic equipment to demonstrate the speed, without sacrificing consistency and quality, that can be achieved through automation. Equipment such as the M&R UNI-KOTE automatic coating machine, M&R STARLIGHT exposure unit, M&R KRUZER manual press, M&R Automatic presses and the M&R ECO-RINSE automatic screen rinsing system.

T & J Printing Supply has partnered with the leaders of the Screen Print Industry to bring you "Print University"! This is a customer training program that will be held over two days at the state of the art M&R training facility.

Every step of the screen printing process will be covered in a "hands-on" class atmosphere. Beginning with choosing the correct mesh to the correct method of reclaiming your screens!

Dates for upcoming Print University Events:

December 6 - 7

Wednesday & Thursday | December 6 & 7

Time: 9am to 4pm

Registration Fee: $100 per Attendee (non-refundable)

  • Murakami - Choosing the correct mesh / emulsion
  • Kiwo / Ulano - Applying emulsion & burning screens
  • Rutland - Choosing the correct ink for the application
  • Matsui - Choosing the correct ink for the application
  • T&J, Rutland, Matsui & M&R - Registration & Printing
  • Easiway - Clean-up & Reclaim
  • M&R - Equipment maintenance
  • M&R - Tour of the new state of the art facility

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Call 630.351.0101 to make a reservation.

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M&R Training Facility

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