Murakami Aquasol HV has a higher vicsosity for thicker stencils. Fast exposures, and highly durable stencils provides non stop production on press.  Use as is for sharp plastisol prints, or it can be made more water resistant with the addition of diazo or application of Murakami Hardeners.

SP-1400 is one of Murakami’s newest emulsions.  It has all the quality that our other emulsions are famous for; fine resolution, great definition and outstanding durability. Easy to coat, develop and reclaim.  SP-1400 is a production super star capable of long runs.

Murakami manufacturers several emulsions designed to cover any aspect of screen printing on textiles.  Choosing the right emulsion today based on the type of ink you use is easier than ever.  We manufacture several universal emulsions capable of printing plastisol, water base and discharge inks.


Murakami continues to raise the bar with new and improved diazo emulsions that can perform well under demanding print conditions.  These economical emulsions provide excellent print performance value with exceptional resolution, durability and ease of use.